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SFB: New Company Members for 2012

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Here's the press release.

--Vito Mazzeo promoted to principal

--Three apprentices going into the corps

--Two new corps dancers hired

--Six new apprentices appointed

What will be interesting is to see who, if anyone, is not there when the new roster is posted.

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New roster has been posted: http://www.sfballet.org/about/company/dancers.asp

At a quick glance (aside from previously announced promotion/new dancers):

  • New soloist Victoria Ananyan from Armenia. Recently with Dutch National Ballet
  • Gone from roster: Artem Yachmeninnikov (Principal), Brynn Gilbert (Corps), Elena Kazakova (Corps), Erin McNulty (Corps), Sylvie Volosov (Corps), Evan Hewer (Apprentice)

Looking forward to Stern Grove performance on 7/31.

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