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New Media at NYCB

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"Broadway World" has announced that Ellen Bar will be the new Director of Media Projects. Here is the link to the announcement.

Her work (with Sean Suozzi) producing "New York Opus Jazz" is cited.

The article also mentions that:

" In addition to her work with NYCB, Bar has been a Dean's List student at Columbia University's School of General Studies since 2006. She also serves on the Advisory Committee for Dance/NYC."

Kristen Sloan was the originator of this new initiative by the Company.

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What a great opportunity for Ms. Bar and for NYCB. New media offers so many fantastic opportunities for ballet, and it will be great to see NYCB take more advantage of those opportunities moving forward.

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Congratulations to Bar! Getting "New York Export: Opus Jazz" funded, filmed, and on-screen was a real achievement, and I'm glad it's opened up a new career for her. According to the article ViolinConcerto linked to, Bar's last performance will be this Sunday in "Vienna Waltzes" -- and I'm more than a little wistful that I won't get to watch her dance anymore! I still remember her performances of the Lilac Fairy in Martins' "Sleeping Beauty," the "Bransle Gay" in Balanchine's "Agon," and the Apache Dancer in Wheeldon's "An American in Paris." She was the reason to sit through Eliot Feld's "A Stair Dance" -- relaxed, self-possessed, and alive to the theatrical possibilities of the simple (or at least simple-seeming) movements Feld had given her to do. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she'll be in the performance of Vienna Waltzes I'm seeing on Saturday ... I for one would have liked to have seen her as the lead in "Gold und Silber Walzer" -- she had the right kind of glamour for the role.

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