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Martha Graham on Google

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A word of advice:

I saw the figure to the left of the search box and thought, "That doesn't say 'Google!'" Give it a second or two. It's animated and may not start immediately.

Happy Birthday, Martha! (I think she'd like her Google Doodle :thumbsup: )

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Thanks, sandik. Why doesn't MY Google page ever do nice things like that?

I was curious about the identification of the images, so did some Googling and found the following. Several of these images have been used by the Google animator.


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An e-mail from the Martha Graham Center indicates that the online response to the doodle was big.

18,000: number of hits on the Martha Graham Dance Company's Facebook page

189,000: number of views of our website (almost a quarter of a million for the week!)

4,500,000: number of views of our Wikipedia page

Martha Graham was also a Top Ten Trending Topic on Twitter last week!

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