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Hello everyone!

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Hi, I'm delighted to find this forum, thanks to my sister who is a dancer. I love watching ballet and I'm encouraging my son and daughter to dance... whether or not they become professionals like their aunt, I know they will get a lot out of it and I can see the joy they get out of putting on performances for the family! Watching my sister, I'm so amazed at the beauty, strength, power and artistry of dancers and just love this art form and all it gives to the audience. Hi to the other ballet fans writing such interesting posts here, I've been following for a while and thought it was time to dive in!

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I'm glad that you and your sister decided to dive in! I'm glad you've enjoyed the forums and hope that you now will add your own ideas to the dialogue.

If your son and daughter are studying dance -- or when they begin -- you may want to join our sister site, BalletTalk for Dancers. They have special forums for parents of young dancers. And, if your young ones are over 13, they are welcome to join and exchange experiences with others in their same age range.

Just one caveat: To register at BalletTalk for Dancers, you must use an e-mail address associated with your internet service provider, employer or school. They do not accept addresses @yahoo.com, @gmail.com, @gmail.com, etc.

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