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Hello everyone! :shake:

I am a mom of three dancing girls! Mainly ballet, but also they have done modern, jazz, lyrical, flamenco, classical indian, african and musical theatre. It has been so fun to see them all head in their own directions! Just looking to have others who can relate to the hard work it takes to support dancers in the family, the better they get, the more work it takes to keep them there and the more time and money!! But, it is their love :wub: and they really do shine when they are dancing. I hope to meet more moms like me to talk with and get ideas from and learn from. One of my daughters is currently a trainee and so her week includes about 24 hours of dance training. It has been hard to let her be gone so much, I really miss her and her spunk! Looking forward to a summer :cool: vacation in June and the sunshine and less hectic schedule too! Mamasita2dancers! :yahoo:

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Welcome, mamasita, to Ballet Talk, but reading your goals, I can't help but wonder if the place you really want is our sister site, Ballet Talk for Dancers. This board is primarily audience. The Ballet Talk site is for people on the inside of the art, including their parents. Try:


You'll have to register there independently of this site, but I think you'll find it a better fit.

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Thank you! I do have an account on that site. My purpose in adding this site is that I am also a audience member to many kinds of dance forms and enjoy learning about it from every aspect.

Thanks again!

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