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POB's Coppelia live at the movies

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Patrice Bart's Coppelia will be beamed live to U.S. cinemas on Monday, March 28, at 19.30 Paris time, or 1:30 p.m. ET. The cast is scheduled to include Dorothée Gilbert as Swanilda, Mathias Heymann as Frantz, José Martinez as Coppelius and Fabrice Bourgeois as Spalanzani.



Since the Ballet in Cinema site is so difficult to navigate, here are links to some of the relevant movie houses.

Big Cinema Manhattan: http://us.bigcinemas...as.asp?cid=1009

Carmike Cinemas: http://www.carmike.com/ballet.aspx

Laemelle Theatres: http://www.laemmle.c...ie.php?mid=6841

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For anyone who wants a taste of the ballet before the HD broadcast, here's a clip of Gilbert, Heymann and Yann Saiz being coached by Bart. Gilbert does the Scottish variation starting at 5:28.


Laura Cappelle does not seem very happy with Mr. Bart's version:


"Everyone else [other than Coppelius] on stage seems in doubt about their dramatic purpose amid the frantic blur of steps"


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Yes, it's universally panned in the French press and among POB-goers. Such a pity POB opted to revive this version of Coppélia rather than Lacotte's, which is charming.

I adore Gilbert and Heymann, but I'm going to sit this HD broadcast out and wait for the DVD so I can fast forward through the really awful parts!

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well as far as I'm concerned I much prefer Bart's version than Lacotte's one! I admit that some Frantz steps are a bit awkward but overall the ballet is rather interesting with a beautiful dancing role for Coppélius.

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