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'The Strange Case of Edward Gorey'

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Alexander Theroux reissues his book.

Gorey died in 2000 at the age of 75. Not long after, a slim paperback called The Strange Case of Edward Gorey was published. It was written by Alexander Theroux, one of Gorey's close friends — he had few. Recently, Theroux went back to the now-out-of-print original monograph to rewrite, expand and redesign it. It's just been published in hardcover, and Theroux spoke to Weekend Edition Sunday host Liane Hansen about his peculiar longtime friend.

When asked why Gorey didn't like the word "macabre," Theroux says: "I think he heard it too much — 'ghoulish' and 'macabre' — in interviews. He never really liked to talk about his work to make a paradoxical point, and everyone always went through that gate when they were talking to Edward Gorey, and I think over the years he wanted to talk about other things.

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