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Greetings All!

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My name is Julio and my interest in ballet began around December 2009. Why exactly I don't know but I started reading books by Julie Kavanagh, Toni Bentley, etc. In January 2010 I took my first ever ballet class, an intro adult class, spanning a whopping 5 Saturdays. I may try it again at some point. So far I've attended ballets performed by Mariinsky, Bolshoi, Washington Ballet and various other companies as part of Ballet Across America II. Whenever I travel I make it a goal to if not attend a ballet, at least go to the theater where it's performed just to get a feel of it all, for example last August in Budapest. The last ballet I saw is Giselle this past weekend. I am devouring all the posts here, what a wonderful collection of information, comments, opinions. I live in Maryland, USA.

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Welcome to Ballet Alert, Julio, and welcome to the world of ballet. We hope your enjoyment and love of the art continues to grow. By now you know there's a wealth of information on the board, covering every aspect of ballet. If you're still interested in ballet classes may I suggest you visit our sister site, Ballet Talk for Dancers, accessible at the upper right corner of this page; this site covers dance education. If you become a member it would be nice if you use your same user name so that we can recognize you.



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Welcome, Julio! Your enthusiasm is infectious. This forum is a delight for me, as well. It's so nice when fellow ballet enthusiasts find their way here.

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Thanks for the welcome, both of you. I'll join Ballet Talk for Dancers now, thanks for the tip. The next intro class program (I'll take it again) begins in mid-March I believe.

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