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In preparation for Pacific Northwest Ballet's production of "Cinderella", with choreography by Kent Stowell, PNB has published Doug Fullington's pre-performance video lecture, which includes a history of "Cinderella", including productions, like by Petipa, to music other than Prokofiev's, as well as an overview of the PNB production, with rehearsal clips from that production, and info about the other Prokofiev music that Stowell added.

The rehearsal clips show Ariana Lallone as the Stepmother, Maria Chapman as Cinderella, Lindsi Dec (black leotard) and Chalnessa Eames as the stepsisters, Jonathan Porretta as the Dancing Master, a glimpse of Carla Korbes (blond) as Cinderella, a glimpse of Otto Neubert and Kent Stowell rehearsing the children with Dream Mother Carrie Imler, Kylee Kitchens and Jerome Tisserand as Dream Mother and Father, and Seth Orza as The Prince.

There are a number of photos, including a stunner of Galina Ulanova and a sketch of the set design for the Petipa version among them. It looks to me like Lallone in the "Prodigal Son" photo.

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Helene, where can one see/read the lecture? The history of Cinderella--particularly the 1890s version, and the two original Soviet productions, fascinates me, but I couldn't find anything on PNB's website.

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