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Three Primas, Three Styles...One Dream of a Waltz.

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I've seenthem all before -- surprised this evening how much more I prefer Fonteyn to the other ladies -- and Tallchief over Ulanova, even. , for her vividness nad clarity. FOnteyn seems to live in this style, and be somehow relaxed and breathing in hte midst of the rigors and hte "height" of this style.

In hte past I've loved Ulanova in this very same clip, but after seeing FOnteyn do it I was very impatient with her--maybe, the choreography/music wear out their welcome fast, and whichever ballerina goes first has the advantage. i LOVE htis dance, but it is not something I want to see often....

And maybe it's just my mood this week. i'm still fighting off a cold.....

Thanks for posting, Christian.

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Fonteyn benefits from dancing with Nureyev. (Poor Ulanova seems to have drawn Dom deLuise as a partner. :innocent:)

I expected both Fonteyn and Ulanova to do this beautifully, but Tallchief was the big surprise -- even though the lighting makes her tutu look opaque, bulky, and somewhat course.. The puff sleeves, made of the same material, shorten her neck and distract from her deliate use of arms and head. Nevertheless, as Paul says, the "vividness and clarity" of what one can see is wonderful. These qualities are missing in the other Tallchief. videos-from-tv that I have seen.

I would vote Tallchief tops for pointwork, especially the way she performs that sequence (around 3:40 min) in which the dancer jumps repeatedly to point in one foot , moving backwards while holding her other leg in arabesque. (I have no idea what this is called. :blushing:)

I have heard people who saw Tallchief dance on stage say that films never captured her dance personality and the subtlety of which she was capable.

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