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Promotions to Soloist and Corps

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To Soloist: Jennifer Lauren and Renan Cerdeiro. Both dancers were given soloist opportunities last season. Cerdeiro actually performed principal roles including the man in Theme and Variations.

To Corps de ballet: Adrienne Carter, Nathalia Arja (danced Sugar Plum Fairy last month), Alexandre Ferreira, Skyler Lubin, and Kleber Rebello.

To Company Apprentice: Andrei Chagas

Congratulations to all. :flowers:


Up-to-date biographies are here:


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Cedeiro and Arja are being advanced very quickly. I was also struck something I noticed in a recent Miami culture blog video tribute to Villella, prepared by the local NBC affiliate tv station. Cedeiro is featured in the classroom dancing, including a magnificently effortless series of jumps. He also is the only dancer to get to speak on camera.


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