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I am a new member and I would just like to say Hi to everyone. I am a Ballet lover so I guess I am among friends. I have a daughter who is a professional dancer. As a "ballet mom" we are very proud of her. She is with a new company in Nashville. We went to see her dance Sugar Plum and then Snow Qween in their Nutcracker last week-end. They were so good, we are going to make the trip again this coming week end and taking her sister and my Mom to see the show again. So Merry Christmas to all and Happy Dancing to all Ballet Lovers!!!!

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You are most assuredly among ballet-loving friends, Paula, so welcome! :flowers:

Congratulations on your daughter's apparently thriving career. I'm sure your trip to Nashville was a thrill, and I hope the next one is just as much fun.

And best Merry Christmas-Happy Dancing wishes to you!

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