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What does it means when a dancers body is stateque?

What does it means when a dancer is good at three dimensional dancing?

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do you mean "statuesque"?

in which case the dictionary definition is apt:

statuesque /%statjU"Esk, -tSU-/

· adj. attractively tall, graceful, and dignified.

– DERIVATIVES statuesquely adv. statuesqueness n.

– ORIGIN C18: from statue, on the pattern of picturesque.

as for 'good at three dimensional dancing' i suppose the usage could mean that the dancer in question works through his or her dance moves with a clarity, strength and precision that reveal the 'front' 'side' and 'back' directions of, say, extended limbs in the stage space, without ambiguity.

the dancer's central 'axis' (identified, generally, as the vertical carriage of the torso and spine) is the point from which, and around which, such directional emphasis is made.

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