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Maya Plisetskaya's Swan Lake (1976 recording)

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So I was wondering what people think of this recording. Maya Plisetskaya is one of my favorite dancers so I want to take every opportunity to watch her. I have the DVD of the earlier recording of 1957, and I thought Maya was great.She was a larger than life but regal Odette and a mesmerizing Odile. But in the 1976 recording Maya is 51 years old. I know that artistry doesn't depend on age, and there are dancers who can dance ravishingly at a mature age. But dancers past their prime can falter in the technical area, which can interfere a bit with the artistic qualities. So I was just wondering if this DVD is worth purchasing to appreciate Maya's extraordinary qualities or if the recording was done at a time when it couldn't do justice to the kind of dancer she was. There's also the technical aspects like lighting and sound because I've heard that the stage is too dark and the sound quality isn't the best.

So I just wanted to hear opinions about this DVD and of Plisetskaya's performance.

Thank you in advance!

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It's a more complete performance than the 1957 performance. However, the production is Grigorivich's, which I strongly dislike, and time has taken its toll in Maya's incredible technique. Her scissones in Odette's variation no longer hang in the air, and her arabesque seems to be at times a real effort.

I think of the performance more as a curiosity than anything else. The 1957 video is probably a better representative of how Maya actually danced one of her signature roles, awful cuts aside.

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Oh, bart! Thank you so much for posting that wonderful video! Completely amazing! But the one I'm referring to is a DVD released by VAI. It's a recording of a complete Swan Lake in 1976.

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