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Spring Waters

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I'm new here at this foro,my name is Lily.

I recently saw the pas de deux Spring Waters, and I found it really interesting, but I couldn't find info about it.

I need help whit this, could you tell where can I found the answers to this questions?

Is this pas de deux belongs to a complete classic repertoire ballet?

Is it a neoclasical ballet?

Has it any male or female variation or coda?

Thank you.

And if anyone of you need anything I will be glad of being helpful.

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Hi, Lily and welcome to Ballet Talk. "Spring Waters" is just by itself, a stand-alone highlight for those "Highlights" programs that the Russian companies used to do so well. There are no variations, no coda associated with it. It just is itself. It comes from no other longer ballet. You could call it Neo-Classical, but I think that a stronger case could be made for calling it Neo-Romantic.

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