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Early 20th- c. SWAN LAKE dancers, Petersburg and Moscow

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these two, scanned photocards document dancers from early 20th-c. productions of SWAN LAKE in Russia.

hard to say for certain what roles are show, neither wears Odette's coronet.

the picture of Egorova is undated, her history indicates she first danced Odette/Odile in 1913, so this could pre-date time and show her as, perhaps, a Big Swan.

the photo of Adamovich, a Moscow ballerina close to Aleksandr Gorsky and his productions, also shows no crown but her costume is somewhat elaborate, with swan's wings, etc. for a soloist dancer. Korovin redesigned Gorsky's 1901 version of SWAN LAKE in 1912, so perhaps he did away with Odette's crown. There are photos of Ekaterina Geltser as Odette from this production and period that show costuming similar to Adamovich's, but with a more elaborate headpiece. So perhaps here too is a dancer documented as Big Swan.

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