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M Gomes at the Bolshoi

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He'll also dance at a gala with DV at Bolshoi. I am glad both Gomes and Hallberg are getting lots of exposure in Russia. Is it unusual for Bolshoi to cast guest artists for both leads? Looking at DV's performance schedule for the past 2 years, I notice she danced more with ABT than with Mariinsky and she barely spent much time in Russia.

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I think Gomes and Hallberg both benefitted from their participation in the Kings of Dance tour, in terms of increasing their visibility to the dance-related professionals (not just dancers, but admin, ballet co management) in Russia, esp Hallberg who has participated for more than one year.

Also, in connection with Vishneva and Bolle, I was wondering when/whether a dancer is allowed by ABT to be a principal at ABT and another company. What are their respective relationships with other ballet companies? Could Osipova, while retaining principal status at the Bolshoi, become in the future an ABT principal, for example?

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