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The Giselle danced by Baryshnikov and Makarova back in 1977 for ABT in Lincoln Center has been on video for quite some time, but I still haven't located it on DVD. Does anyone have any info as to whether it will be transferred to DVD format in the near future? It's one of the few great ballets in the recent past that has yet to be digitized. Crossing fingers for a positive response.

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neither Makarova's Giselle (opposite Baryshnikov) nor her Odette/Odile in SWAN LAKE (opposite Nagy), both of which were intially released on commercial videocassette, has been re-released on DVD.

in the publicity for the 50th anniversry of Lincoln Center included word that the year(s) ahead would include release of original Live from Lincoln Center telecasts as DVDs.

both GISELLE and SWAN LAKE progams mentioned above were intially filmed for Live from Lincoln Center.

no further word (or release) seems to have materialized to date, however.

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We can only hope they will release some of the dance from Live from Lincoln Center. Here's the press release. There's a brief mention of this project on p. 4, but the only examples are from opera:


I'd like to see them release the Kirkland-Baryshnikov Theme and Variations from the Live program in spring 1978.

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