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The Sisters Delgado in "W" Magazine

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Patricia and Jeanette have fun recalling their photo shoot with Bruce Weber in this video. With a link to the photo as it appeared (b&w, unfortunately) in the magazine.

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Thanks, carbro. It's a lovely photo. I like the soft shades of grey.

The Emeralds costumes in the video are from their Open Barre performance of excerpts, 2 weekends ago.

As usual with MCB videos, it was difficult to understand everything the dancers said. The sound in this was actually better than usual. if you can believe it.) I wish MCB would invest in a decent mike system.

The Weber photo comes with the following bit of advice.

Beauty Note: Don’t bare arms without an uber moisturizing lotion such as Donna Karan Cashmere Mist BodySuit misting spray.
How could I have lived this long without knowing that? :)

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