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Sara Mearns, Jared Angle, Marc Happel ("Chat")

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Some of you may have been there, but for those that weren't here is a synposis:

** The story ballets are almost a vacation for the principals -- if they aren't cast. There are only so many principals roles in these ballets.

** For those that are cast -- and particulary the lead women -- a full length ballet is both exhilarating and exhausting (so much dancing).

** Sara Mearns loves dancing with Jared Angle. She said he's a fantastic partner. He knows exactly how to present his ballerina etc.

Although they are debuting tonight (Friday) as parteners in Swan Lake, they did this roll in Italy last year.

** The male leads are there to help/present/show off their ballerinas (you know the famous Balanchine quote).

Occasionally the ballerinas don't rely on their partners (100%) and that's when we might see off-chemistry.

** The male dancers might ask the costumers to "add a little fabric here. Make a tunic longer" etc.

** The care of the costumes is a job in itself. So much work!

** Sara doesn't like "bones" in her costume. Mr. Happel -- who said that both Sara and Jared are favorites -- always accomodates her.

** Both Sara and Jared discussed how they always do the steps as "written" but they make them their own. For example, Jared

doesn't do certain things that Ben M will do in Swan Lake (those double tours) but will do other things. Sara also described how she might differ from other principals.

** Jared is very funny. He has a great sense of humor. Sara is just a charmer (and so gorgeous/beautiful up close that it's almost shocking).

** Sara often talked about her very rapid rise in the company. She seemed a little in awe of it herself (she's very modest).

** They both said it was a dream job. They were also beyond complimentary of each and every dancer.

They were lovely, delightful, enthusiastic, polite and charming young people.

These chats are terrific programs.

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