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I am back!

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Hey everyone!I am back!

Such a long time since I last posted on the site.

I've been working as a professional ballet dancer in Vienna for a while and left my heart there!it is one of the most amazing cities in the World! loved every single minute there!

Now I am back home. It is a very bad period for dancers....almost no contracts,struggling every day auditioning anywhere, training with lack of good classes to keep fit,almost no access to the few places in the corps, contracts of only a few months or maximum one season,no interest in promoting young dancers etc... In the meanwhile i keep on teaching to young ballet students,which I love,but which is not exactly what i have so hardly trained for.

Anyway,I am happy to be here again and i hope to find brand-new brillant discussions like the ones we used to have once!:-) Though my experience as a dancer has improved a lot, I do not hear such smart conversations very often!

If you want to ask me anything,you are welcome;just write!:-)

Big hug to everyone!

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Welcone back, 87Sigfried87! We all still share your love of ballet. You are registered on this site as well as BT4D, our sister site for dancers and students; I hope you will return to both sites and enjoy the benfits of both.


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it's a bad period for a lot of people, not just for dancers, so fingers crossed and good luck... anyway it's great to see you back here!

and hope to see you soon in person! :wallbash:

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Hey, I can understand how one could leave their heart in Vienna. :wallbash:

It is also my second home.

You are right about the situation for dancers being very hard right now - and actually for everyone, but it appears (in Europe anyway) esp. for such "expendable" things as arts and theatre!

Good luck!!


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