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I'm back

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I'd like to welcome myself back to Ballet Talk. I've been gone for a couple of weeks and have returned under a alias (GianninaM). I'm hoping my gloves and pearls will soon follow. There have been people working like maniacs trying to resolve the problems I had with my registration. Take note: Ballet Talk is more precious than you can imagine; if you've ever lost it you'll know. It's such a pleasure to be back.


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We've missed you, Giannina(M). I can relate to the frustrations of BalletTalk deprivation -- not due to the problems you've had, but when my computer itself malfunctioned. I hope the problems of both of us are well behind us.

Warm welcome back! :bow:

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I don't post often, but I read the new posts every single day. I think I would go a little crazy if I didn't have my BT fix. Welcome back, Giannina!

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