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Professional training for a 20 Year old Male?

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Hello everyone, Im really hoping you can help me out

I got into dancing late, when I was 17, and I ony discovered ballet my first year of college.

Im 20 years old, will be 21 next spring, and I really really REALLY want to be a ballet dancer.

Ive gotten some training at my state college, and Im getting my bachelors, but I know I need real intensive training if I want to be a professional.

Ive been looking at colleges that have ballet programs, and at conservatories, but I dont really know where to go.

Any suggestions or advice I would really appreciate

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Unfortunately, this is not the place to find practical advice about training. Please see my answer to your post in the Welcome forum, here.

Best of luck to you! :clapping:

I'm closing this thread.

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