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Ballet Hispanico

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Wonderful company, with excellent and beautiful dancers. Surprised I've never heard anybody say anything about them, I've noticed they always have a season at the Joyce, and are New York-based. 4 dances, including 2 entertainment-type ones, i.e., those with couples doing more difficult versions of a very accessible popular kind of dance--these were both very good, and reminded me of smilar sorts I saw at Alvin Ailey last January, but I liked this a lot better. Will try to report in more detail tomorrow if I have time. Do recommend them, though. I saw Program B, which includes 'Club Havana', a very sexy and enjoyable, if predictable piece.

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I'm glad you liked this so much, patrick. I remember them dancing in their early days (before the Joyce) in various theaters, including the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The rep then was more folkloric than I believe it is now. They danced story ballets like La Casa de Bernarda Alba, as well as works which, while not quite telling full stories, encased the dancing in a dramatic/situational framework. In general, it was the kind of full-out, committed, joyful dancing which made for evenings that are hard for me to forget.

Did anyone else see this program? Or ... have memories of past programs?

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