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I'm Steve and this, is my story.

I discovered ballet whilst a college student, and have basically been obsessed ever since. I was (am?) a classically trained flautist, and was always the geeky kind of person to buy classical music cd's rather than what's new or "in" (this, I DEFINITELY still am). Naturally, ballet fits my tastes like the chocolate coating on a truffle and I loved being able to dance to music that I could relate to. I read and learn as much about ballet as I can, but with a light hearted approach. History was never my strongest subject in school, and accordingly I will never be able to have an intelligent opinion on the history of ballet, or even an intelligent opinion about ballet in general. In fact, I'm pretty easily pleased when it comes to ballet because I like just about everything...I feel like a kid in a candy store discovering a whole world for the very first time. Sometimes I wish I could have started ballet as a kid, but I also think there's something unique about learning all there is to it as an adult. Or not.

I started blogging about ballet (and a little bit about other dance forms, but mostly ballet) at the beginning of the summer, to record a life changing experience. I had seen my local ballet company (BalletMet) do a few productions in college, with the only full length work being Romeo & Juliet (which, I actually hate the story and the score...poo). Correction...I know I saw Nutcracker, but I can't remember if that was high school or college. Anyway, the life changing experience I referred to earlier was getting to see two major international companies perform, under pretty crazy circumstances...Bolshoi performed Le Corsaire at the Kennedy Center, and Royal Ballet was there just a week after with Manon. I was going to be on vacation in Washington DC to visit family, and the stars had aligned for me to have the opportunity to see two amazing companies within a week! Hallelujah!

I won't lie...I was really excited for Bolshoi because I didn't know that much at the time and thought the Russians were the big deal...but I absolutely fell in love with the Royal Ballet (and Manon...and Carlos Acosta and Tamara Rojo), so RB is my favorite company. Plus, Bolshoi changed principal casting on me, and I didn't get to see Natalia Osipova as planned, and I'm a little bitter about it. But I know I was still lucky...I may never find a way out of this town to see one of the top companies to perform again, so I feel incredibly fortunate.

So, I live through the internet, try with varying degrees of success to blog about ballet in humorous ways, and know what I like and like what I know.

Nice to meet you!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, Steve; it's nice to have you with us. We all share your love of ballet and we hope this site can give you the information (and history!) you want. There is a wealth of information here. It's very nice that you got to see Bolshoi and Royal Ballet; quite an experience for you.


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