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Paul Parish

Is there a good CD of the music for Tchai Pas?

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hasn't there been some discussion of this previously here?

never sure how to root this out but others will know.

or perhaps i'm misremembering - which wouldn't be the first time.

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There is a wonderful recording of the Tchaikovsky PDD on the complete recording of Swan Lake with the Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by John Lanchbery. It's a highly expressive interpretation with lyricism, drama and excitement. The orchestra sounds terrific.

You can find the recording on Amazon. Just look up Lanchbery Swan Lake Box Set. I don't know how to paste a link here, but maybe one of our Ballet Talk friends can do it for you.

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Agreed that the 1982 Lanchbery recording is lovely, and I'd add, better recorded in a large hall than the up-close version on the Choreography by Balanchine video, which is very clear for all that. Lanchbery's tempos are easier in the adagio than Robert Irving's, and I think he makes a slight cut or omits a short repeat Irving plays in the coda -- I can't nail it exactly without a score to follow -- so his running times are about a quarter-minute longer in the adagio but a half-minute shorter in the coda.

Here's that link:


(Personally, I like the one conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas even better, except that he omits the music we're discussing.)

I'll bet rg is right, but I can't find the thread. BT's search function won't accept three-letter words, and gives me 2000 hits; Google seems not to be allowed to search this site.

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In the Dutoit's full SL...

I own that recording with the Orchestra symphonique de Montreal, and think the Tchai Pas very good.

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