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Ballet fan

Hi, everyone.

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Hi, all. I decided to join this forum because I can discuss one of my favorite topics, ballet!

I used to study ballet and when I was a little girl I wanted to be a ballerina, but somehow I ended up in the academic world instead, but my passion for ballet has never withered, but now I enjoy it as an expectator.

Despite loving ballet, I haven't seen much live ballet since I'm on a country where the interest in ballet is really low. Though I did once see Yulia Makhalina when she came here. Most of my ballet watching is done through DVDs and that's also because I love watching the greats like Galina Ulanova and Margot Fonteyn. I'm afraid I'm just too young to have been able to see them perform on stage.

My other interests besides ballet are philosophy, literature, movies, and video games.

I've read the forums before as a guest and the people here seem pretty inteligent and nice, so it'll be pretty awesome to see what they have to say about a difficult yet beautiful artistic endeavor such as ballet.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk. Ballet fan; we're glad to have you with us. We all share your love of ballet, and depending on where we live we see ballet either live or recorded; both are thrilling. We hope you'll share in our discussions, and we hope you'll enjoy all the aspects of ballet the board has to offer.


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