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Teaching Pointe

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I am not sure if this is the correct forum to post under, but it looked to be the most appropriate. I recently got a second job teaching ballet at a local studio. I am teaching an hour long ballet/pre-pointe class, followed by an hour and a half ballet technique/pointe class. I had grown up with a full hour and a half long technique class then followed by a half hour, or hour of pointe, depending on my age. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get both technique and pre-pointe into an hour long class? They take ballet one other day of the week, which is purely technique, but I feel that the girls should have a technique class before putting their pointe shoes on, especially young dancers new to pointe. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to break up the class?

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Ballet Talk is a site dedicated to the discussion of classical ballet, and we welcome you to join us in these discussions.

For the "doing" -- dancing, teaching, backstage -- your question would be appropriate for our sister site, Ballet Talk for Dancers. You will need to register separately, as BT4D is a separate site. We ask that you register under the same username on both sites.

(I'm closing this thread now.)

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