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Veronika Part on the David Letterman Show July 9

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Letterman interviewed Natalia Makarova years ago and I found it painful. This occurred well before 1989 and he kept pushing her to talk about whether she would ever be able to go back to Russia. As I remember, the subject caused her visible distress and he would not drop it. She finally said something along the lines of 'I thought this was supposed to be a funny show' -- At the time I really blamed him and essentially became "anti" Letterman. Years later I did get over that, and I don't know what I would think if I were to see a repeat of that same interview now.

I also recall a Nureyev interview, some years before that, that took place (I think) on one of the afternoon talk shows--probably Mike Douglas--in which the interviewer said something to Nureyev along the lines of "You left [the Soviet Union] for freedom" and he replied immediately and, I thought, quite brilliantly, "for independence."

where can i find that letterman's show with Natalia Makarova on line? does somebody of you have it?

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I entered "David Letterman" and "Natalia Makarova" into a Google video search and was unable to find it.


There were some 15,000 hits, but I didn't see show in question. If you're more patient than I, maybe you can sort through and find what you want.

Google, Bing, Ask.com, etc., are great tools.

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