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Happy to learn

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Hi, I live in New York and have watched ballet for a few years. :lol:

I found this board last year, and have been reading since.

I watch mostly the ABT, and prefer attending performances featuring David Hallberg when work and personal obligations permit. :lol: I travel quite a bit for work, so unfortunately I am unable to attend certain performances I would like to. In those cases, I am particularly grateful for reports posted by others on the board.

I don't know much about ballet, although I am trying to change that. :lol:

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Glad you decided to join us!

I hope that, as work and personal obligations permit, you join in the discussions of performances you've attended.

Hallberg is certainly a major talent who has attracted a devoted following. For me, it's been so gratifying watching his growth over the years, and I especially enjoyed his James, which I saw this afternoon and about which I'll have more to say within the next day or so. Were you lucky enough to see that?*

Welcome to BalletTalk, Ambonnay! :lol:

Editing to add:

*I see here that you were. :lol:

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