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Hallo from Frankfurt

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I have been a silent visitor for almost two years and, while very glad to have found your wonderful web page, was a bit reluctant to step out of the dark because I am not sure if my English (no native speaker) will be sufficient. So I apologize for all possible future mistakes.

I was eight years old when I watched Sleeping Beauty for the first time in TV and became fascinated with ballet. I love to watch ballet and I am interested in ballet history very much but I never danced myself. Since I moved to Frankfurt (Rhine) I seize the chance to attend performances in Stuttgart, Hamburg and Munich on a more regularly basis. The last ballets I have seen have been La Fille Mal Gardee in Stuttgart and Lady of the Camellias in Hamburg.

While participating silently in Ballet Talk over the last two years I received a lot of interesting information, particularly with regard to books and dvds. (Thanks to the person who mentioned Keith Money’s wonderful book on Anna Pavlova.). I am looking forward to learning about a lot more aspects of ballet and I am looking forward to meet you.

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Happy you finally decided to delurk, Susanna, and on behalf of BT's posters, thank you for your lovely compliments.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the English in your introductory post. Many native English speakers would do better to write as clearly and correctly as you just did!

I am delighted to welcome you to BalletTalk, and I hope you'll post from time to time to tell us what you're seeing and your personal reactions. We don't get many reports from Germany, unfortunately.

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I want to echo carbro's welcome, Susanna.

If you come across any older threads that interest you, please DON'T HESITATE to revive the thread by posting your own thoughts and responses. Some of our best discussions have happened when a new member does that and others jump in.

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