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Fanny Gaida interview

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The september issue of "Danser" has Fanny Gaida on its cover page, and it includes a long interview of her (in the middle of a lot of advertisement, unfortunately...)

The interview of Gaida is quite interesting. She had her farewell performance in July, after 23 years with the company (she has just turned 40). She had become a premiere danseuse in 1989, and a principal in 1993. She seems happy with her retirement, saying that recently she has been suffering from back problems, especially since the birth of her son Louis a few years ago, and has a good memory of her farewell performance (after the show, she was given the medal of chevalier de l'ordre du Merite by Hugues Gall). She has been asked to come back as a guest, but is not interested by it now, and is interested in teaching.

One of the changes she mentions about the way the company works is that now there are more performances than at the beginning of her career, but that there is far less time to rehearse the works. Also the teaching system has changed: before Nureyev's directorship, each category of dancers (quadrilles, coryphees, sujets, premiers danseurs, etoiles) had his own class and teachers, now it's mixed. She mentions that it has positive sides (for example younger dancers can see role models), but that it might be intimidating, especially for shy people like her (she mentions stress and lack of self-confidence as her main problem).

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