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Ballet Arizona's Romeo and Juliet

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I know the production took place almost two weeks ago, but I just happened upon this forum yesterday, and thought I'd start the topic anyway. Hopefully others saw the show! (forgive me for writing a short and vague review, but afterall, it has been 2 weeks)

Overal, I thought the production was beautiful. The costumes and scenery were very gorgeous, and the dancers seemed to be in top form. I was looking forward to seeing Ginger Smith as Juliet, since I missed her in the Nutcracker season. I would have loved to see Huang as well (I saw her as Snow Queen in Nutcracker and believe she was the best Snow Queen I have ever seen, and i've seen more than a few, believe me).

I think Smith was a wonderful choice to play Juliet. She looked incredibly youthful and innocent, which I think are very key to playing Juliet. She has gorgeous lines, and is musical while being a good actress all at once!

Astrit Zejnati was a clean and regal Romeo. I felt like he was incredibly comfortable, which enabled him to explore the dramatic side of the role.

The corp seemed well rehearsed and very together. I wish there were more soloist roles in Romeo and Juliet so that I could have seen more dancers featured.

Perhaps best of all, the theater was packed! I went Thursday night, and would imagine that it was even more crowded Friday and Saturday. Lets hope that this good turnout will allow Ballet Arizona to carry on through the economic recession.

I hope this wasn't too vague...next time I'll write a review much sooner after I see a performance! :P

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Thank you so much for your review, Krystin! I saw this production when it premiered a few years ago and loved it, but wasn't able to travel this year for it. Then, the Juliets were Natalia Magnicaballi and Paola Hartley, and it's exciting to see young dancers like Smith and Huang given the chance to assume the role, with Magnicaballi portraying Lady Capulet and Hartley the Nurse. I would have loved to have seen Ross Clarke's Romeo, too, and Astrit Zejnati's Tybalt was so vivid, so different from his Romeo. (I see from the cast list that he was given one performance in this run.)

I, too, hope this run was a great success financially, and that more companies produce Andersen's version, like Kansas City Ballet did this year. It should be a keeper.

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Kansas City Ballet announced its 2011-12 season, which will be danced in the first season of the Kaufmann Center for the Arts. Among the works they will perform is Ib Andersen's "Romeo and Juliet", which they've performed in the older venue.

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