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I am a dancer and want to learn to use this site. Someone told me that this was a great source of information and I can't find the link to the summer intensives. I am auditioning today and tomorrow in Chicago and would like to get some last minute information. If you could please help me I would appreciate it. Thanks!

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Hi, corvettegirlie.

We don't have the information you're looking for today. You can find that on our sister site, BalletTalk for Dancers, which has a special forum devoted to summer intensives.

Here, we're devoted to the interests of the audience. If you want to discuss a performance you've seen or a video, if you want to explore the histories and back stories of ballets, this is the place for you. For all studio-related matters, you want the Dancers' board.

You'll have to register there separately. We request (but do not require) that people who are registered on both sites use the same screen name on both.

Merde on your auditions. I hope you get the info you need in time.

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