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Daria Pavlenko is back!

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Great news! Wondrous Daria Pavlenko will return to the stage of the Mariinsky after her long maternity leave. Check this out:


Edited to add: She first dances in Steptext on January 9 - thanks to Marc (below) for this correction. La Valse will follow on the 29th.

Another January '09 highlight will be a Jan. 26 gala in honor of the former ballerina and great coach Olga Moiseyeva. Many of 'her' dancers will be performing, including guest-star from the Bolshoi, Svetlana Zakharova, and Mariinsky primas Yulia Makhalina and Irma Nioradze.

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Thanks for the update, Marc! That was not apparent in the Mariinsky playbill when I checked. Even better news! :)

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