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Where can I see the Mariinsky Reconstruction??

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I've tried youtube and following links to the reconstruction on the Wikipedia page but they don't work! Is there any other way I can see the reconstruction?

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THE MARYINSKY BALLET NEW YEAR'S EVE IN ST. PETERSBURG - VALERY GERGIEV (released by BelAir classiques on dvd) includes a rearrangement of this production's last act (the DYING SWAN appears in the mix, as do champagne toasts) but this 'expanded' act 3 represents the only officially released footage of this prod. that i'm aware of.

the cast inlcudes Osmolkina's Aurora, Fadeyev's Desire, Tereshkina's Diamond Fairy, Pavlenko's Florine and Korsakov's Blue Bird.

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i should have stressed that my post made reference only to commercial footage.

i'm not much of a youtube follower, but yes the footage linked above w/ somova does take one to amateur films from '07 that document the new/old maryinksy vikharev 'reconstruction' asked about above.

since posting my comments above, i also re-visited my copy of the dvd in question and see that i forgot the fact that filming includes the tableau and mime scene that make up The Awakening scene of this production, so one sees that element of the staging on the video, the camera pulls back to show a good view of the reconstructed scnerey and costumes.

then, while the stage is being re-set for the full act 3, gergiev conducts the Valse Villagoise from act 1 - all that's shown for this interlude, however, is the conductor and his musicians, the dance and its setting are not performed.

so, between these youtube clips of act 1 - showing the pas d'action and Aurora's solo - one can get a fuller sense of the production overall.

i don't know if any other youtube items show any of the Prologue or of Act two's Vision or Panorama scenes.

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i have just been informed that the casting for the excerpts of THE SLEEPING BEAUTY (Vikharev staging) on the NEW YEAR'S EVE IN ST. PETERSBURG dvd has some missing information and/or some mis-identifications.

it seems the Florine is Yulia Balshakova not Pavlenko, as noted in the accompanying notes.

also, the Lilac Fairy who appears in her Minerva/mime capacity in the Awakening is Ekaterina Kondaurova;

furhthermore, Gold is Yana Selina and Sapphire is Daria Sukhorukova.

the White cat is Xenia Ostreikovskaya.

as i also understand it this has been spelt out on BT previously, evidently on a post i neglected to read carefully.

so all this may be old news to those who know the posts in question and/or who know the DVD and the Maryinsky dancers.

it still goes to prove that packaging credits are sometimes far from accurate or complete.

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To add to RG's post, the ca-2004 documentary DVD Sacred Stage about the MT includes LOTS of clips of a June 2003 performance starring Ayupova/Korsakov. MUCH of the Prologue, Act I (Rose Adagio snippets) and almost the entire Nereid Scene from Act II as one of the Bonuses. I am wondering if the film-crew captured that entire performance & if, some day, a DVD of the entire ballet may be released?

The last sighting of the glorious 1890 production of Beauty was an October '08 performance with Olesya Novikova as Aurora. The last ever? The spring performances announced at the MT so far are of the 1952 Soviet reworking by K. Sergeyev which is lovely but, to me, never as magical as the original.

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VERY many thanks, N, for this added information.

someday i suppose if one pieces together these documentary/gala vids one might make a nearly complete new/old maryinsky SLEEPING BEAUTY.

i looked at SACRED STAGE when it arrived but didn't recall recently all that it included.

slowly but surely is going to be the name of this particular BEAUTY game.

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