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Hello everyone

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Hello everyone. I recently had a huge rush of nostalgia and am sort of returning to my years of dancing and involvement with the ballet world. I am going to lurk a bit and hope that my memories and recollections catch up with me. It is sort of weird; sort of like coming home 50 years later to a house that you grew up in. Oh well... Anyway hello and well met to all of you.


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Hello, Yolaxochitl.

By all means, lurk to your heart's content, and indulge in nostalgia. Make yourself at home, and please add commentary as you browse from topic to topic.

Welcome to BalletTalk! :)

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Several of us here have, like you, a long attachment to ballet (either as dancers or, as with me, as members of the audience). The historical perspective is alive on Ballet Talk, especially in the form of living memory. That's one of the things that led me to become a member. Glad to have you join us, Yaloxochitl.

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