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Missing Balanchine and Robbins

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Since I was born too late, I'd like to see Balanchine's Don Q, Roma, Metamorphisis, Seven Deadly Sins, Jones Beach, Cotillion, Waltz Acadamy, or Electronics. I know the Balanchine Foundation was searching for film of Seven Deadly Sins but I think they were unsuccessful.

Of ballets that probably could be put on is Meditation. Farrell owns it. I thought Igor Zelensky would be very good in the male part but don't know of a ballerina right now that could do the female part without me wishing it was Farrell.

What about Hungarian Dances? At the time, it wasn't considered to be good but with no Balanchine around to make new ballets I think it would do much better.

I'd love to see Robbins' Age of Anxiety or In the Night (or is Into the Night?).

Sticking in the NYCB rep, I'd also like to see Estatic Orange and Black and White again. Or Capricio Italian. Plus the Tudor and Ashton ballets they did in the 50's.

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