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Hello from Canada

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Just want to say hi to everyone here.

I'm now re-introducing myself into appreciating the art of ballet. As a child, I used to take some ballet lessons but gradually quitted when I was in my teens.

Since I'm currently building up my own ballet DVD collection, I find this forum extremely informative. My first little project after joining this forum is to expand my nutcracker collection. :mad:

As well, I also wonder if anyone may know how many DVDs are there in the "Dancer's Dream: The Great Ballets of Rudolf Nureyev" series, please? And if anyone has watched any of them, I'd greatly appreciate if you could offer your advice on whether or not you find the documentaries insightful/useful.

Thanks very much.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, Katalina; we're very glad to have you with us. And welcome back to the world of ballet; we hope we can help you with information and discussions. Re: DVDs. We have a forum dedicated to ballet videos, etc. If you post your DVD questions there you'll get more answers since this forum is just for welcome new members and doesn't get much traffic. Enjoy!!


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