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Hello from Los Angeles!

I am an adult restarter, I had some ballet training as a child/teen, but after qutting for many years have decided to take it up again! Its been two years since I've restarted, and its very challenging but I've discovered a love and passion for ballet that I never had before! :D

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Hi, miaballerina. As an adult restarter (and involuntary requitter) myself, I understand the new appreciation one has with the wider perspective and wisdom gained along the way. I'm sure your classes will continue to give you joy and rewards for many years to come.

You will probably enjoy our sister board, BalletTalk for Dancers, which has special forums for adult students. It's a great place to share the joys, frustrations and questions you encounter along the way. We ask members of both boards to keep the same screen name, so readers of both will recognize them as the same person.

Meanwhile, I'm happy to welcome you to the audience site, BalletTalk. :D As you explore the board, you'll find forums dedicated to performances, companies' undertakings, specific dancers, history, and news. I hope you'll join in, especially since LA has its own, new ballet company. Have you seen it? Would you mind sharing your reaction in the Los Angeles Ballet subforum? We'd love to hear.

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