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Cicely Nichols

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In 16 May Links was an obituary for activist Cicely Nichols, who danced and studied with Robert Joffrey.

Her daughter (and many thanks to her) has sent a photo from that time with photo id's; Ms. Nichols is in the center of the third row, and Arpino and Joffrey are second from right and right in the second row. The text (re-formatted) says:

this is the text:

Dinner at Coby's

Front row, l-r: Sandra Northup, Gaily Boden, Diane Lembo, Barbara Culbertson, Carolyn (Okada), Coby Larsen.

2nd row: Darrell Henline, Jerry Cohn, Gerry Arpino, Bob Joeffrey

3rd row: Bob Bull, Cicely Nichols, Mike Soars

Back row: Marty Buckner, Frank Larsen

Bill Goleeke took the photo.

Some of the second and third rows seem almost to be one row: Henline, Cohn, Bull, Arpino, Nichols, Joffrey, Soars?



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