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Mozart's Violin Concerto No. 5

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I'm curious. Did anyone ever see this ballet. The Violin Concerto is one of my favorite pieces, and I am curious to find out what exactly Balanchine did with this, especially the final "Turkish" movement.

I know this has been revived from time to time, especially by the Tulsa ballet, so it is not exactly lost. But what makes it special, especially to anyone who has ever seen it?


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all i can recall from one fleeting look at the Tulsa staging was that (in the first movement?) the female corps de ballet had an entrance that was reminiscent of the entrance of the Shades in LA BAYADERE's "Kingdom of the Shades" scene.

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I think that the entrance a la Shades scene occurs in the second, adagio movement.

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You may be able to see (some of) the adagio movement -- the pas de deux -- here, if your computer can play Real Media files (The one I'm on now can't, so I haven't checked this):


Search by keyword = Farrell and genre = Ballet. Click on the "Watch this Performance" link for the February 23, 2007 performance.

I posted a guide to this video here:


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The complete ballet was performed by the company of Teatro Argentino in the city of La Plata, Argentina. I don't know the names of the soloists in the filmed performance but maybe someone can identify them? I was told that this staging dates to around 1997.

First Mvt:


Second Mvt: (wonderful Shades-like entrance)


Third Mvt: (love the Oriental part with cymbals & long horns for the corps ladies!)


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