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Your Favorite Interpretations

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Who was your favorite Giselle, Odile/Odette,

Kitri, Albrecht, Siegfried, Basil. Any role

in any ballet, that has touched you.

Here is my list, to start things up:

1- Giselle: Makarova- She was vulnerable in

the 1st act. In A2, she was Giselle's spirit

like it should be: ghostly, yet noble.

1a- Albrecht: Nureyev- He was the ultimate cad in A1. He was a haunted shell of a man in A2.

2-Odette/Odile: Makarova- The body and limbs

of a swan. She was tender and delicate as the

White Swan. The most supple of arms at her

final exit in A2. An alluring and a most devious Black Swan. She had the technique to boot. She is not the prettiest woman....but

she had the ability to make herself appealing.2a-Siegfreid: Nureyev: He was always as S, both a young man wanting to enjoy his youth, but also worrying about his mother's expectations and his princely duties. I truly felt that he fell in love in

A2. He is mesmerized and then horrified that

he is duped in A3, but he takes responsibility and confronts Von R. in A4. Heroic!

3-Kitri- Nina Anashavelli: Always plays the character to the hilt. Her details in her acting and dancing gives her interpretation a

flirtacious hue, that fits the role perfectly. 3a- A tie between Jose Manuel Carreno and Julio Bocca. Besides being great dancers, they are great partners. They also

are good comedic actors. Another great Basil,

is Carlos Acosta.

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