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Yulia Makhalina

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Does anyone have any recent info on one of my favorite ballerinas, Yulia Makhalina? I know she recently won a state award but what about her dancing? Coaching, retiring anytime soon, family??

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There is a new two part youtube (in Russian). Search: makhalina mata hari

Haven't had a chance to watch it yet :)

"2 parts with Kirov Mariinsky ballerina, Yulia Makhalina , in a 2008 production of Mata Hari with Ilya Kuznetsov . A very rare clip is shown inside the Mariinsky Theater in 1997 with Natalia Dudinskaya coaching Makhalina in Raymonda. Dudinskaya rarely coached inside the theater in the 90s. Makhalina is shown performing Raymonda with Konstantin Zaklinsy , Swan Lake and Don Quixote with Alexander Korkov , Le Jeunne Homme Et La Morte with Igor Zelensky , Anna Karenina with Konstantin Zaklinsky , Sheherazade with Faroukh Ruzimatov and a solo in Cinderella."

Does anyone know anything about the ballet Mata Hari?

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In some of the threads about Fateyev people have bemoaned the lack of opportunities for Julia Makhalina - even though she is still listed as a principal.

This is the most recent performance I can find, of Leonid Yakobsen's "Spartak".

She looks pretty good! I'm not sure what theatre is hosting her. The videos were posted in Dec.2012.

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