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Speaking of Ballet

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For some time I’ve enjoyed the benefits of lurking through all the interesting and insightful information here and thought it was time to come in from the cold. While having a long interest in ballet, for many years I lived in locations that were it was difficult to follow. After moving to the DC area a few years ago, it has been my great fortune to have the fun of trying to make up for lost time. It's alway nice to have company on such a fascinating exploration.

My appreciation for ballet increased even more when, after years of other types of dancing with my wife, I started taking ballet a couple of years ago. Before, I thought the beautiful moves in ballet looked amazing. I now realize just how truly amazing they really are!!!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, dancesmith; it's very nice to have you with us. Glad you moved to an area that gives you more access to ballet. And you study ballet! There's nothing like taking ballet lessons to truly appreciate, and marvel at, what you see on stage.


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