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Mel Johnson

de facto segregated roles

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Yes,I know the children were painted in Gold.I was saying that I was relieved that boston Ballet didn't put black face on the children .I had seen a video of the kirov and the children looked like they had been painted black,so I was worried that boston Ballet might try to stay true to that version,and I was glad to see that they didn't in that respect.As for the "warrior Woman"I saw the ballet a few times because I wanted to see different casts and every time I went,Erika was doing the Warrior Woman,so I apologize,I assumed she was the only one doing the role.

Originally posted by Mme. Hermine:

actually, bijoux, the little children (who accompanied the golden idol) were, as you know, dressed in gold like him, and had gold, not dirt, on their faces. in addition, there were three casts for the warrior dance; the other two girls were caucasian, one blond and blue eyed and one brunette and dark eyed. erika was very very good but it was because she was very good and spirited and strong in the dance, and my suspicion is that this quality is what got her the part!

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