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Jane Simpson

Royal Ballet Archives

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The Royal Opera House has begun to add material from its archives to its website. Go to


and you can see cast lists for all first night since 1946 (to be extended eventually to cover all performances!) and also the first photographic collection - pictures by Frank Sharman, dating from the late 1940s, and giving many more photos than I've ever seen before of, for instance, Ashton's Les Sirènes. Hours of fun!

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what a wonderful trove and handy link!

too bad the data on the '68 SLEEPING BEAUTY doesn't give casting.

i'd always assumed the prod. was made for sibley and dowell - awakening pas de deux and all that - but a special fold-out/insert to the prod. that i acquired some time back has beriosova and macleary listed for the first night cast - but then i THINK someone said they didn't appear due to indisposition.

so if the prod. was meant to be first shown by beriosova and macleary - on whom did ashton create the awakening pas - if sibley and dowell - is it odd that they weren't given the first perf?

or maybe i'm confused on all of these points...

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