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Hi everyone!! After browsing BT for several years, I've finally registered. Sorry, I'm a slacker. I'm a retired ballet dancer-retired due to baby and severe scoliosis (and wanted to finish my college degree). Now my hubby (a ballet dancer from Russia also now retired) and I have opened our own ballet school in Va. We love it! I'm a Maryiinsky Ballet fanatic! I'm happy to be a member now and talk about ballet with other balletomanes!

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Welcome, Solnishka! You've probably noticed that you've joined a community with many Kirov fans. We look forward to your joining in those discussions.

Have you visited the Teachers forum at our sister board, BalletTalk for Dancers? You'll find a direct link to BT4D on the far right side of the banner atop the screen. If you wish to join that board (which concerns matters on the other side of the footlights), you'll have to register separately, and we ask members to keep the same name on both boards.

I hope you find much to interest you on both sides! :dunno:

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