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Morphoses in London

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Just a quick note to say that I saw three performances--unfortunately only Program 2 as I couldn't leave work in US before then, but will write more later of my impressions...

In short,

Alexandra Ansanelli & Angel Corella were fine (minus a few inadvertant bumps)--especially so on Saturday night.

Slingerland was always interesting. More on cast differences later.

I REALLY liked Wheeldon's new piece "Fool's Paradise" but am still not sure how much (and what percentage) was due to choreography, or set/lighting/costuming, or music. Some cast differences too.

After the Rain--has aleady been discussed forever and ever before, and wasn't much changed--Wendy still did it beautifully as always.

All in all, Morphoses is definately something worth seeing in London, or City Center.

More later...

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