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Hello From Adam

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I'm an entertainment lawyer/producer. I'm the former Regional Vice President of USA Dance (formerly USABDA), which is the IDSF and IOC-recognized governing body for competitive amateur DanceSport in the U.S. I'm a Standard and Argentine Tango dancer.

I had no interest in ballet until two years ago (May 2005). I was an opera fan. and I'd only seen ballet on television (and once when Eddie Villella came to my school when I was a kid, but we didn't really pay attention). Well, it didn't look that difficult to me. Holding the girl's hand while she stands on tiptoe. Or those four swans skipping around. It looked like something I could do. I have a simple rule: anything I can do isn't worth going to see, because I have no talent.

I went to the Met to get opera tickets. It was the last night of the season (Tosca). They already had the ABT posters up. And there was a poster that said that some guy named Bocca was dancing his last Don Q. I didn't have any interest, but I figured, what the heck, I'll go. I'll be able to say I was there. After I bought the tickets, I realized what it said, and I thought, "It didn't say he's retiring. It just said it's his last Don Quixote. This guy Bocca could be milking the retirement thing for years!" Anyway, I went, I was hooked (Xiomara and the fan did it for me). I went about 35 more times just that season.

And I still think it looks better in person than it does on television.

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Great to hear that story about how you became hooked, Adam. Welcome to Ballet Talk. Hope we hear from you as you experience even more live performances. Your own dance experience should give you some interesting perspectives.

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Ballet and theatre simply have to seen in person.

There just seems to be something about the humanity that is only experienced by being in the same room.

Isn't it wonderful how one can simply discover rpofound new pleasure by chance?!

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Hi Adam. How right you and Shankley are about ballet looking better in person than on TV.

On the other hand, DVDs are giving us the chance to experience ballets and dancers we would otherwise never have a chance to see at all. Better than nothing, but nothing like live.

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